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We with our technical expertise and experience prepare cost effective environmental plans suitable to fields for sustenance of environment.

All new projects or activities listed in the Schedule of MoEF 2006 notification, expansion and modernization of existing projects or activities listed in the Schedule to this notification with addition of capacity beyond the limits specified for the concerned sector, that is, projects or activities which cross the threshold limits given in the Schedule, after expansion or modernization,any change in product - mix in an existing manufacturing unit included in Schedule beyond the specified range shall require prior environmental clearance from the Central Government in the Ministry of Environment and Forests for matters falling under Category ‘A’ in the Schedule and at State level the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) for matters falling under Category ‘B’ in the said Schedule, before any construction work, or preparation of land by the project management except for securing the land, is started on the project or activity,

We are authorised to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment study in following sectors :

  1. Mining of minerals-open cast
  2. Highways
  3. Cement Plants
  4. Distilleries
  5. River valley projects
  6. Thermal Power plants
  7. Coal Washeries
  8. Sugar industry
  9. Mineral Beneficiation
  10. Metallurgical industries
  11. Petroleum refining industry
  12. Petro-chemical complexes
  13. Building and construction projects
  14. Ports, harbours; break waters and dredging
  15. Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility (CMSWMF)

Our services in environmental sector include:

  • To carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies.
  • To prepare Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
  • To carry out the Environmental Monitoring, analysis and reporting.
  • To carry out Environmental Auditing.

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