Centre for Envotech and Management Consultancy Private Limited

Miscellaneous Services

Our Works

Our services in Miscellaneous Activities include:

  • CRZ clearance for Haldia Coast guard,( West Bengal ) and Jatadhari Muhan, Jagatsingpur (Odisha).
  • Biodiversity Environmental Impact Assessment (BEIA) study for Falcon Marine.
  • Preparation of DPR for "Ash pond capping" for Smelter Unit of Vedant Limited, Jharsuguda.
  • "Transplantation of trees" was also carried out instead of cutting those trees for project activity for TATA.
  • Established Butterfly park at Jharsuguda for Vedant

Our Services

CRZ Clearance

BEIA Study

Preparation of DPR for "Ash pond capping"

Transplantation of trees