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The socio-economic development is a value-added concept and there should not be a consensus as to its meaning and should have the option of application and its implementation in multiple way to achieve the ultimate goal.

Socio-economic study of a particular study area indicates the levels of socio-economic status that already exists and what could be the possible achievements during subsequent years after implementation of the project.

The socio-economic development has multiple dimensions such as economic status, social placement, availability and utilization of basic amenities, working pattern and work category etc and the development could be conceptualized as a set or vector of desirable social objectives or a development index.

Our services in Socio-economic study include:

  • Conducting socio-economic and Rehabilitation & Resettlement study
  • Preparing socio-economic report
  • Preparing Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) plan
  • Carrying out household survey
  • Organising and conducting focused group discussions
  • Organising and conducting village meetings

Our Services

Rehabilitation & Resettlement study

Socio-economic report

Household survey

Village meetings