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Hydrology covers the fundamentals of hydrology and hydrogeology, taking an environmental slant dictated by the emphasis in recent times for the remediation of contaminated aquifers and surface-water bodies as well as a demand for new designs that impose the least negative impact on the natural environment. Major topics covered include hydrological principles, groundwater flow, groundwater contamination and clean-up, groundwater applications to civil engineering, well hydraulics, and surface water. Additional topics addressed include flood analysis, flood control, and both ground-water and surface-water applications to civil engineering design.

Our services in hydrology include:

  • Flow measurement in rivers/ nallahs
  • Carry out hydrological study
  • Ground water clearances
  • Surface water clearances
  • Commissioning of flow meters and piezometers

Our Services

Hydrogeological Study

Commissioning of flow meters and piezometers

Ground Water Clearance

Water Resource Management